Why is there a charge for changing dates for my seminar or course?

Not necessarily, here are the time frames for changes from the terms and conditions when you enrolled:

If the change is within 3 days of registering, no biggie, no charge. If it is after 3 days, but at least 14 days before the event, there is a $35 admin fee. If less than 14 days before the event, there are no changes allowed and your registration falls into the "no show zone." In *most cases a no show would forfeit your ticket and a $100 no show fee will be applied.

We certainly don't want to charge anyone when we don't have to; really we just want to see you for the date you enrolled for! Help us deliver great value in our seminars by committing to your dates early, and making changes (if at all) early as well. It can cost us a lot if we had to deliver a seminar with empty seats because of last minute changes - we hope you can understand.


*See your specific enrollment form for details.

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