I have a testimonial for you - how should I send it to you?

Firstly, THANK YOU SO MUCH! It is truly one of our greatest pleasures hearing testimonials from graduates and clients. We genuinely appreciate hearing your kind words.

Please simply email Support@evolutionseminars.com with your testimonial in the question area. Also, we would really appreciate the ability to use your testimonial in the future to share with other students and the public - places like our website, facebook, or even printed material. If that is OK, please just add this text below your testimonial:

"I authorize Evolution Seminars, Leadership Training Institute, and Matt Brauning and/or assigns to utilize my testimonial in whole or in part in printed and/or digital media at any point. They may use my name, and I am not entitled to any compensation for use of my words or my name."

Thank you so much!!!

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