I have a question for Matt about a specific situation in my life, or for a friend or client.

Thank you so much for respecting Matt's and Evolution Trainers' opinions on matters such as these. That is not taken lightly. Because Matt has created such a busy schedule for himself and the company, coaching-style questions need to be answered during seminars or coaching sessions. If we answered every single question that came in (we wish we could!) Matt would spend most days just sitting at his email.

If your question is about a specific product or seminar, please check out the FAQs for that product or seminar. If it doesn't answer your question, please submit a request above, or email Support@evolutionseminars.com for your question and we will take care of it. PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE FAQ BEFORE EMAILING FOR SUPPORT :)

If you have a question about how to use some of the tools we teach, or what to do about a situation in life, or other coaching-style questions, here are the best options to handle them:

1. If you are currently enrolled in a seminar or course, please bring your question for our event staff or volunteer crew at the event. Our front-of-the-room trainers may not be available to answer each individual's questions during the event, so please ask a CREW member first.

2. If you would like some coaching or breakthrough work, you can purchase a coaching package with one of our coaches starting at just $250 per hour, or with Matt personally at $3,000 per hour. Please email Support@evolutionseminars.com requesting a coaching call and a coach will get back with you right away.

We hope that helps, and again, we wish Matt and the team had time to answer each individual person's questions about situations in life, with family, or about tools and techniques. We hope to see you soon at a future seminar or training in person!

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